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description VOLT DETECT IC N-CH OD 2.4V TO92
Technical/Catalog Information MN13811-G
Vendor Panasonic - SSG
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
RoHS Status RoHS Non-Compliant
Other Names MN13811 G MN13811G
Lead Free Status Contains Lead
Type Simple Reset/Power-On Reset
Packaging Bulk
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Package / Case TO-92-3
Output Open Drain or Open Collector
Reset Active High
Number of Voltages Monitored 1
Reset Timeout 100 µs Typical
Voltage - Threshold 2.4V

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MN13811-G PANA  TO-92  00+  original  1600 

MN13811-G Panasonic  TO92+-3P  00+    3000 
  • Contact:Lydia
  • Tel:86-755-83001313
  • Fax:86-755-82546248
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MN13811-G Panasonic  TO-92  08+ROHS  原装现货,质量保证!  100 
  • Contact:huang
  • Tel:86-755-83019793
  • Fax:
  • Email:
MN13811-G Panasonic    TO-92  Please contact Mr. G  07+ 
MN13811-G NEC    150 
    Liverpool (Hong Kong) Electron..
  • Contact:Jessica
  • Tel:86-755-83957717
  • Fax:
  • Email:

MN13811-G NEC    150 
  • Contact:Jenny Jiang
  • Tel:86-755-83014004
  • Fax:86-755-83014044
  • Email:

MN13811-G Panasonic  TO92-3P  00+    3000 
    sr weike
  • Contact:rick
  • Tel:86-755-83002013
  • Fax:86-755-83000013
  • Email:
MN13811-G Panasonic    08+    1223 
    Shenzhen Deshengda Technology ..
  • Contact:chen
  • Tel:86-755-82736773
  • Fax:86-755-83957816
  • Email:
MN13811-G     PANASONIC    00+ 
MN13811-G PAN  TO-92  00+    1100 
  • Contact:zhao
  • Tel:0-755-82818950
  • Fax:
  • Email:
MN13811-G Panasonic  TO-92  O6+    10000 
    Highlight Electronics (H.K) Co..
  • Contact:Ava
  • Tel:86-755-8375-9556
  • Fax:86-755 83759277
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MN13811-G Panasonic  New & orig  6+    2998 
MN13811-G NEC    34700     
    Allsky (HK) Electronic Inc.
  • Contact:Jenny
  • Tel:86-755-83014004
  • Fax:
  • Email:
MN13811-G Panasonic  TO-92      500 
  • Contact:Ms.AnneHuang
  • Tel:86-755-82727096/61685817
  • Fax:86-755-82731987
  • Email:
MN13811-G Panasonic  TO92-3P  6+  New&original,stockof  2998 
  • Contact:Mr.jamesLin
  • Tel:0086-755-82736887
  • Fax:0086-755-82736904
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MN13811-G PANASONIC  TO-92      31100 
  • Contact:Ms.SunnyGao
  • Tel:86-755-82942189
  • Fax:86-755-82964723
  • Email:
MN13811-G TO92-3P  38503  Panasonic  MAILTOTALK  00+ 
  • Contact:Ms.mikylin
  • Tel:0086-0754-84479727
  • Fax:0086-0754-84470500
  • Email:

MN13811-G Datasheet
24 Hour Time If the MIL bit of the HR register is l, the RTC will use a 24-hour format. If the MIL bit is 0, the RTC will use 12- hour format and bit H21 will function as an AM/PM indicator with a '1' representing PM. The clock defaults to Standard Time with H21=0.
MN13811-G Price
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LASER DIODE, Inc. manufactures pulsers and power supplies for this family oflasers. Forlaboratory experimen- tation the LPA-210C. pulse generator, and the LC-200 (for 115V operation) or the LC-210 (for 28V operation) power supply may be used,Custom drivers are available for specific applications.
(2) During a data transfer, the data line must remain stable whenever the clock line is high. Any changes in the data line while the clockline is high will be interp reted as a START or STOP condition.
below 3.30 C per watt with natural convection and less with moving air. It also increases the heat removing efficiency of any cooling air flow. When the XT Dualis ordered with a HS option, CALEX will ship the converter and heatsink attached. One heat sink is needed for each converter ordered.